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Welcome to N8XCT, below you see a graphic of what is affectionately known in my house as "Radio Central". The XYL has graciously let me load up that cabinet with radio stuff and let it be in the living room of the house versus being stuck in the basement or garage, since they know how much I play radio and would rather have me amongst the family instead of buried in the basement.
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"Radio Central", it consists of hf and 2m mobile rigs, 6 scanners, some the old crystal kind :), 6 ham HT, and a laptop for digital modes.

Also since summer of 2006, we went from a 1 out of 5 person ham family to 3 out of 5, so now the XYL is outnumbered, sadly I don't think she will ever get licensed. My oldest girl is KD8DXB, my son(the only boy) got licensed at 10 and has call KD8DVB, so even though his sister is older, he's got a lower callsign, sorry Spike.

As for me:

I've been a ham since '92, a technician class license until 2005 when I passed CW, I passed(Jun 10, 2006) my Extra.

Interesting story when I tested for CW:

I'm copying the code, I get the following:

My name is S_en. My antenna is ??????

No other run of characters worthwhile. So I'm try to copy other parts of the test and didn't do too good. So if you count above its EXACTLY 25 characters(. counts as 2). But I got a blank between S and e. So the code run is done, i'm looking at this and think, "I've got to figure out that letter, its my run of 25".

I run thru the alphabet and the only thing I could come up with is Sven.

Well I put that down and turn in my sheet of paper AND ITS RIGHT, I was so psyched.

One last item, my boy who was 10 took and passed his technician test on Jun 10, 2006, same time I passed by Extra.

73, joe, n8xct